“23DN4L signing in.

A pleasure to be here. I have been registered for life on Earth since 1994. I am from a big family unit, with many older prototypes that have recorded data longer than I. None of them have written a webnovel, so I can finally be the first at something.”


D. Rednal’s processors have been dedicated to supporting their family, combating mental illness, and working hard to complete each goal they’ve set. In 5 years, they’ll still be spitting out stories that have been clogging up their system these past few years. Hopefully, readers will thoroughly enjoy the worlds and circumstances that are put before them.    

Cleaning Up The Future is a science fantasy series with multiple lead characters. 

Book 1: Public Perceptions gives screen time to all four main characters, but the person focused on the most in this book is Chen Sia.

Sia is a 19 year old young woman whose family emigrated to New Cinalia around the time she was born. She has spent time in America to meet her maternal relatives, but has not spent much time in China to meet her paternal relatives. 

R-Earth and its’ history is very similar to our current Earth’s history except for a few new details:

  • One extra continent
  • A race of intelligent sea dwellers 

The sea dwellers, or Underlings, have kept the oceans from being as damaged as they are on our current Earth. They are very isolated, but keep tabs on human civilizations and their dealings with the oceans. They do not interfere with human affairs. The UN of R-Earth has many treaties with the superior race for fear of the war to end all wars.

New Cinalia is a first world country on R-Earth that resides on a continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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