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Everything Everywhere Matters

The credits rolled down the screen and as I wiped my right eye my first thought was, “Bizarre.” How could something so hilarious have made me shed multiple tears? I’m not married and I don’t have children, so how did it touch my heart? 

These days we joke whenever we have to begin a serious conversation, and so the random sequences and absurd happenings in the movie were not unlike the many memes and gifs that litter a chatroom during lengthy discussions. Despite the humor, several topics were breached that I could relate to. 

The husband’s temperament being seen as a weakness. 

The frustrated daughter’s perspective. 



Overall, the movie was entertaining. I’m glad I could experience the vast array of feelings it evoked and can’t wait to pick it up on Blu-ray.


I was not a fan of the first Top Gun, but I gave the sequel a chance because a fan told me it was phenomenal. 

They steered me right. I’ll give them that. It had everything I’d wanted from the first. It didn’t drag and it ended very well. With these types of movies I need a great finish. Something like fireworks at the end of a festival, to put the icing on the cake of my experience. Even if the entire film is solid if that ending is lackluster it sours things for me. Let me tell you. I was satisfied walking out of the theater. 

The soundtrack is solid and I would definitely purchase the digital to rewatch some of the thrilling scenes. I’d like to relive a few parts and smile.


Hey, I see Theo Rossi and Aubrey Plaza in the cast and my interest is piqued. I haven’t been disappointed by them yet, really enjoyed their performances.

What would you do for $200?

What would you do for $2000?

What would you do for freedom from your debts?

Be an artist?

A soldier?

A model?

A mother?

A criminal? 

It felt like I was in a rollercoaster of emotions alongside Emily. Antsy and anxious, judged, open for an escape from the dreary cycle of work then home work then home work then home. Working to decrease debts that have interest that accumulates too fast to erase. When will I get a break? Why even bother? Why? Why? What’s the point?! When can I catch a break? Is everything supposed to be this hard? 

You can’t even get your own home these days because of the prices on everything. We can’t afford to take a break. We can’t afford time away to experience life as it’s supposed to be. Work work work. Why even bother? Why follow the rules? Why? 

The consequences, that’s why. Nothing comes without a price. Getting that fast money might feel blissfully sweet at first, but when the other shoe drops, it’s to stomp on your neck.

I was biting my nails anticipating what Emily might do next, and who might be waiting to retaliate. 

It was the same feeling I remember when I started watching Breaking Bad. I wanted to see things look up for the underdog. Though Emily isn’t the kind teacher with a spotless record and family. She’s more shifty, more gritty underneath her shell. She seems like an everyday overworked adult, worn down by the grind, not too smart not too dumb. But as the film continues, you start to see her in a new light: she’s less dull. More direct. More aware. More keyed in and ready to figure out what exactly she’s willing to do to escape going back to being a zombie workaholic. What can spark joy in her monotonous life? What can lead her to a better future? Or who?